Yoga Therapy

Trauma-sensitive yoga was developed by David Emmerson, working with Bessel Van der Kolk at the Trauma Centre in Boston, America. It’s aim was to help survivors of abuse notice how they are feeling and begin to experience their emotions safely. As Complex trauma occurs as a result of abusive relationships and leads to a person existing in a state of ‘survival,’ Trauma-sensitive yoga creates the space for healing to occur within a safe relationship, where the therapist is trained to support a person who may experience triggers linking to previous trauma as a result of the practice. By raising awareness of the internal states within the physical self, trauma-sensitive yoga helps the individual regulate emotional arousal by ‘reorganising the physiological responses connected to the symptoms,’ thus enabling the survivor of abuse to self-regulate and experience emotions safely in the present.Unlike traditional yoga, clients are given the choice whether or not they wish go into a ‘shape’ or ‘form.’ Shapes are generally adapted and are used to bring about awareness of internal states. This allows clients to ‘re-connect’ to those parts of themselves which have become ‘split’ as a result of the trauma, thus enabling survivors of abuse to begin to self-regulate, experience emotions safely and live more in the present. Trauma-sensitive Yoga has also been found to support greater ability to enable the individual to be able to verbalise trauma following treatment and process their experiences in therapy

Trauma-sensitive yoga (TCTSY) is provided either individually or in small groups.TCTSY is NOT a form of psychotherapy although it is an evidence-based intervention developed through an understanding of complex PTSD. TCTSY supports a person to rebuild a sense of connection to their body and sense of self. Previous experiences are NOT discussed as part of the treatment although sessions can support being able to verbalise previous trauma as part of a persons therapy.

Price Guide:

Trauma-sensitive yoga (TCTSY) 

Individual sessions £45 per session

Small group sessions £30 per session

Reduced rates are available, please enquire

We also provide Trauma Informed Yoga Classes at Spiral Studio: 

Classes are influenced by the understanding found within TCTSY, they are like a normal yoga class but adapted to help a person feel safe. 

Price Guide:

Drop in class £10

Block book 5 classes for £35

* Cancellations must be provided with 48 hours notice. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure adequate notice is given and cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will need to be payed in full.